We provide tax administrator services

Hello, everyone! Today I will write about tax administrator. 

Our office hands tax management services for individuals residing overseas.

Our office is in Sapporo but we can facilitate communication with government offices nationwide in Japan and take care of tax matters.

Tax administrator is.

Person who complete tax payment on behalf of Oversea residents. 

Overseas residents are unable to pay tax to government office in Japan directly.

Therefore, you will need to ask “representative of procedure tax payment” to someone who lives in Japan.

Parson who takes this request and arranges tax payment to government office are called tax administrator here. 

Our office can offer this business of tax administrator.

7 Steps of Tax administrator’s basic flow

  1. Our office takes request from overseas residents who need to pay tax in Japan.
  2. Certified public tax accountant will submit to government office as tax administrator (Certified public tax accountant become your tax administrator).
  3. We will receive post mails from government office on behalf of you and contact with them whenever we needed.
  4. We will inform you tax amount by emails.
  5. You will pay us tax amount and cost of tax administrator by credit card.
  6. We will make remittance of tax amount to government office.
  7. We will send you a notice of completed payment by email attached or international postmail.

if you have any questions or request, please contact from inquiry form.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


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