Rent Assistance Benefits have been credited to the account!!

Rent Assistance Benefits have been credited to the account!!

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In summary,
filed on August 17,
bank transfer on October 23.

Excuse me? Is this going to take that long?
(No, we had some problems. Normally, it seems to take about 6 weeks.)

We completed the client's application for the Rent Assistance Benefits at the Sapporo application venue on August 17.
(For more details, please read our blog on August 21 about my experience at the application support center with the Sustainability Benefits and the Rent Assistance Benefits.)
I hadn't heard from the client for a long time after that, so I thought something was wrong. On October 5, I asked him his PW and other information, and logged into his account instead ...

A message was displayed saying "Your application is incomplete. Please revise and apply again"!!! 


After spending an hour and a half at the application venue?
Were there any mistakes in the documents I made 😱😱😱

Being put in a cold sweat, I checked all the application documents in the client's user page.

Nothing is wrong!!!!!

The message says that the "lender" and the "tenant" in the contract are the same, so an additional written oath should be submitted.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, the "lender" and the "tenant" in the contract are the separate legal entities!!!!
It explains itself!!!

The examiner in charge must be tired 😴😴😴.
I know it must be a hard job. I understand that.

But this wasn't the time to be feeling sorry for them, so I immediately called the office to inquire about it and asked to investigate it.

The person on the phone said, "You're not wrong..."

Of course!!!

But I was told to reapply because it is the rule. I decided to resist a bit for the sake of the client. 😒😒

I said "We've been waiting for the approval over a month already! We are having a hard time struggling with financing! You are telling us to start all over again! You are harsh! 😭😭😭"
The person on the phone replied that "I'm sorry. We'll let the department in charge about the situation, but could you reapply, please?"

I didn't think that would be a wise policy to annoy the person on the phone any more, so I pressed the reapply button right away, reminding him that "Please ask examiners to approve our case as quickly as possible😘."

As there were no corrections, it was as simple as clicking the "Apply" button on the PC screen.
(Even in case of making corrections, it seemed to be easy as all the corrections could be done online. I think this system is very well built.)

After that, I logged in to his account to check on the progress more often.
It was still under review for a while...
on October 18, a message was shown saying that "the review has been completed and the money transfer is currently being processed."

Oh, that's faster than I expected!
Thank you, the person on the phone and the examiner in charge!! 😍😍
I contacted the client and told him that "we're almost there!"

the subsidy was finally transferred on October 23!!
(Two weeks after reapplying!)
Phew, what a relief....
I regret that I should have checked the progress sooner after the first application. (for my note)

Still, I think it is hard for the people on site handling applications and reviews in the subsidy and benefit offices. I am very thankful to them. I would like them to take care of themselves.