Anyone from any country

The number of foreign people living and doing business in Hokkaido is increasing. Many of them can speak Japanese. Some can even read and write kanji! It's wonderful.

I've been supporting those people for several years and will continue to support them who say "I love Japan. I want to live in Japan!"
Not only tax returns and accounting in Japan can be supported, but also advice on taxation specific to non-Japanese can be handled! 😄😄
And me with the mind of Obachan (auntie) raised in Osaka, provide advice also on non-tax matters "for free!".
Especially visas and social security!!
As I'm not an expert in these field, the procedures themselves will be done by the experts, Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists for visas, and Labor and Social Security Attorneys for social insurance. I will support you as a liaison between you and the specialists with whom I am cooperating or whom you are already consulting.
Those services that are not related to tax accountant matters provided by me are for free. The other fee will be charged to you directly from each specialist.
Working with other professionals with whom I can get along well is very efficient, because we can exchange your personal information (with your permission) directly with each other, and you don't have to explain the same information or submit the same materials over and over again.
I can learn a lot of new things other than my expertise from working with other professionals and it is very helpful to me. I'm happy to be able to build a new network with a mutually respecting, trusting relationship with them!
Other complimentary services include deciphering documents that arrive from government offices, advice on loans, insurance, renting, buying and selling real estate, company formation, and procedures for applying for Corona benefits and assistance.
For example, that happens quite often for the foreign people to fall behind in their taxes or social insurance premiums (probably unintentionally) because they do not understand the meaning of the documents they received from the authorities.
On those occasions, I will contact the government office for you or accompany you to the office to help you follow the proper procedures and pay the taxes.
It seems that the government officials are also quite confused to deal with foreign people who are in arrears, and when I step in between them, they appreciate it and say, "This is really helpful!!" 💖😄.
As many of our Japanese clients are not very good at paperwork, I do my best to help them if they ask me for help, but I feel that the foreign people especially need this kind of support.
Recently, I accompanied a client who was having a hard time running his business because of COVID-19, to the owner of the building, where the client is renting. We negotiated a reduction in rent together and went to the financial institution to ask for a loan. (Note that the result is not always good.)
If I see somebody in trouble right in front of me, even if I'm not sure what I can do, I would like to help him/her as much as I can. These kinds of feelings make me accompany them everywhere. When things go well, we rejoice together 😄😄 and when not...I'm very sorry! I didn't have enough power...😖😖😖
I get all kinds of inquiries. For example, a person who had a baby asked me about the differences between kindergarten and nursery school in Japan; "One of my colleagues had a baby and what would be a good baby gift?"
Although such inquiries are not at all related to my job as a tax attorney, I think that coming to ask me is a sign of trust, so I'm happy to do my best to answer them.
Sometimes I ask myself "Why do I go that far?"
Well, that's just my personality. I'm full of curiosity as I'm an Osaka-bred caring Obachan (auntie)😊😊😊.
I would like to "remove elements of your concern and let you focus on running your business as much as possible".
I would like you to submit all documents by the deadline, roughly understand the accounting books and tax returns I prepared and be satisfied with the amount of your taxes. (Thank you for your understanding m(_ _)m)
I think it is difficult for somebody to do paperwork and payment of taxes properly who does not have an orderly life and an organized mind. Shall we work together to get your mind and papers in order!!
(I need to clean up too... 😋😋😋😋)
There are sometimes misunderstandings with the foreign people because of differences in language and culture. However, by accepting each other's differences and talking each other over and over again until we can understand each other, we will be able to build a relationship of trust. It is the moment of happiness when I feel "Oh, maybe our souls are gradually connected! (I hope I'm not mistaken.)
Oh, it's the same with the situation among Japanese people. (*^^*)